The Top Tips New Freebie Hunters Need To Know

Everyone loves something that is free. Some people will go so far as to stand in line for hours just to get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut. However, when you join the freebie game, you need to know about some rules that will help you make the most of it. There are also some tips that can help a seasoned freebie hunter find better deals.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Is

There are times when the excitement of getting a freebie from one of your favourite brands can cloud your judgement. However, it is important to remember that all transactions will have an upside and a downside, but you can forget the downside when it is free. Something being free will generally provide you with an emotional charge that makes the item seem to be more valuable than it actually is.

This means that common sense generally goes out the window when we are getting a freebie. This results in some companies wanting more from you than the tiny sample you get is worth. This is why you need to ensure that the freebie offer sounds genuine and always read the terms and conditions before you sign up for anything.

Do Not Expect Too Much

It is actually rare to get full-size freebies and most products will be delivered in tiny sachets or a small envelope. The primary goal is to try the product and see if you want to make a future purpose so that you do not waste money on something that you will not enjoy. You should also not expect to get every freebie that you ask for.

If you claim every freebie that you see, you will often receive only 70% of them. If you find that your incoming freebies seem a bit sparse, you should not give up and keep applying because you will be swimming in them soon. To ensure that the freebie you are asking for is worth your time, you should read through the terms and see how many samples are actually available and the size of the freebie.

If You Do Not Ask, You Will Not Get

You should always consider writing a letter or email to a company asking them if there are any samples that you can try. There are people who have had large boxes of freebies sent to them or vouchers when they contact businesses and tell them that they enjoy their products. If you do not like something, you should also let the company know. You will find that companies are generally happy to provide replacement freebies and more if their products are not working.

Do Not Feel Guilty

You should never feel guilty about freebies because the companies are not actually losing money when you order something for free. In fact, these companies could be benefiting more than you know from this. For every sample and freebie they send out, there is the potential that they are getting a new paying customer. After all, if you like something that you got for free, you are more likely to buy it when you see it.

Set Up A Second Email Address

This is very important for anyone who wants to claim free products. Setting up a second email will reduce the spam and unwanted calls that you get. You should not stop at a second email, you should also set up separate social media accounts and telephone numbers. These will need to be used when you claim any freebies because all the marketing messages you get will not clog up your primary email or phone.

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