Tips And Tricks To Getting Free Makeup Samples

Every girl in the world loves getting freebie makeup samples. If that sounds like an amazing idea to you – and of course it does – you’ll definitely going to want to check out this post, because here we’ll show you the best places where you can get some.

Some say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but I disagree. I think it’s free makeup samples. This sort of freebie is an excellent way for you to try up some new products or stock up on what you’re missing if you’re struggling with an empty wallet – and we all go through that from time to time.

Whether you’re broke or looking for an everyday lipstick, check out these places and you’ll get some nice samples. It’ll be like Cotsco on Sundays – but better, because there’s makeup involved! (Of course, I don’t have a problem taking a baked potato or veggie taquito sample while I’m at it, hehe)

Let’s jump straight into it, here are the websites you can visit when you’re looking for a freebie.

1. Freebie websites

Below are a few freebie sites you can use to get some samples. These are my favorite, and constantly add samples every day, so you won’t ever run out of things to try.

A tip: Make sure not to use your primary e-mail when claiming a freebie, or you’ll risk getting spammed. Do not ever give your real birthday either, for safety reasons.

2. P&G Everyday

I have got some nice samples for them. P&G is great because they coupon and sample selection change often.

3. Pretty Thrifty

This site is bound to speak with any girl’s inner Glamazon. It features a comprehensive latest deals roundup with the best from the beauty freebie world. so it’s a good idea to visit it regularly.

4. Facebook

Many makeup companies give out samples on their Facebook page. Look for your favorite makeup company on Facebook and give them a like – so when a makeup sample is available, you’ll be among the first to know!

5. Free Samples Through Orders

Many beauty stores will be willing to send you free samples after you place an online order. Here are some examples of my favorite ones:





Certain websites will even allow you to choose your samples, so keep an eye out for freebies before you check out.

6. Test Groups

Another good idea is joining product test groups, so you can sample new products and provide feedback on them. After you give your opinion, companies will often send you the full size product for free.
Begin by checking out the L’Oreal Consumer Participation Panel. They usually have short surveys, and allow you to keep the whole product when you’re done testing.

Physician’s Formula has a program named PF Buzz which allows you to test new products and keep them once you’re finished.

7. Allure Magazine

Allure Magazine gives away over a thousand free beauty products the first couple days of each month. All you need to do to be eligible is register with their Allure Free Stuff Program

8. Stores

Ask around for makeup samples, and you may end up surprised at the stash you’ll walk out with. Any place which sells make up could potentially send you home with a load of free samples. When shopping for makeup, simple ask if they have any sample sizes. Make sure to ask nicely – that’s all you’ll need to do, really.

Girls: Use the internet and get some free samples! Before you know it, you’ll have lots and lots of free samples at your home.

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